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Geugeotmani nae sesang...

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[sticky post] MY FIRST POST!!!

So, yeah, this will be my first ever post here in LJ..lol..Actually, I had an account here before but got deleted because I only logged in for I think not more than 5 times! HAHAHA.. And it was way back 2008 or 2009. I'm not sure. lol. By that time facebook is not that popular. We're using Friendster instead and I saw my best friend using this so I made one too but left untouched. I keep receiving Notice of Deletion on my Yahoo Mail. Hahaha! So now, with my love for DBSK and my "reading yunjae fanfic" addiction, I'M BACK!!! Lots of amazing author are here so I think I will be here frequently. :)) Add me guys! To all the YunJae/YooMin/HoMin and other DBSK pairings author, add me back please...... :3 I'd love to read all of your works~~ I heart you! <3

[ whut? I'm a trying hard writer... XD ]

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1. That "love thing" doesn't excite you that much. You sometimes cringe to the idea of love.

2. Cheesy movies are too overrated for you.

3. You tend to be bitter sometimes seeing sweet couples. You just find them annoying.

4. When someone shows interest in you, you don't easily buy the idea.

5. You rather be single than to be with the wrong relationship.

6. It'll take a very amazing person before you'll be convince that it's worth opening your portals of love again.

7. Your standards are very high to the point of dreaming that fictional characters will come in real life.

8. Sometimes, you question yourself if you are ugly or not.

9. You focus your attention in taking care of your pets.

10. Your studies have become your priority.

11. You rather eat a lot because food is love.

Words by: Truth Slap

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On Point

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W - Two Worlds Finale

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This korean drama gave me a lot of stress. Good stress. Lol. Each episode is thrilling and even though the characters are giving me mix emotions, I still cant stop myself from watching and now that it ended, all I can say is WEW. Some people were not satisfied with the ending but I'm OK with it. It was sad that Mr. Oh disappeared but it should be expected that one of them might be gone since that is the context that Kang Chul concluded in one of the previous episode. I did not feel depress or anything about the ending. I never wish for an episode extension because the suspense is killing me and I need a conclusion asap. Lol. Plus, the leads deserve a happy ending with the two of them together after everythung that happened. It was a rollercoaster ride for them!

This drama played a lot with the viewer's brain! I'll rate it 8/10 :)

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W - Two Worlds

Kiss kiss kiss - screencap from Episode 5

W - Two Worlds
Korean Drama

It's been a long time since I've watched another satisfying-no-boring-scenes-since-episode-one-drama. Last time was It's Ok, It's Love and Oh My Ghostess. I just wish na hanggang sa dulo ganito ang mararamdaman ko! Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond and Let's Fight Ghost were dragging. In my opinion only guys. Those korean dramas were promising and exciting on the first episodes, mostly, Doctors but gets boring after the  4th episode. Uncontrollably Fond was interesting but slow pacing. Let's Fight Ghost were fun at first but like UF, has a slow pacing. I think it is somewhat inspired from Master's Sun but lacks humour.

Back to W...

Every episode was a cliffhanger! Urgh! It gives you that feeling when you can't move on unless you see  the next episode. Kissing scenes were present in every episodes too. Lol. Can't help but fall in love with Kang Chul's character. Lee Jong Suk is really a good actor. I like seeing him on dramas/films than photos. Even though he's a model, in my opinion, those photos doesn't give him justice. XDDD Han Hyo Joo is very pretty though I can't help but think that they copied Kang Mo Yeon's (Song Hye Kyo) hairstyle from DOTS, but longer. I agreed that her acting is a bit over dramatic but judging from the character of Yeon Joo who is suddenly drag into the manhwa, it's only natural to act that way. And I noticed that the management take that into consideration because I saw less animated actions from her in Episode 5-6.

This drama gives you a lot of scenarios for the ending but you'd still expect it is different from what you're imagining. Let's see how the story goes. ^_^ For now, I rate it 9/10 for the unusual plot and perfect chemistry.

And for the first time, I've used a drama's promotional photo as my cellphone wallpaper! O_O

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Chateau Labiotte Lip Tint - Shiraz Red

Na-cute-an lang ako. :) As usual, Zalora PH is fast! Expected ko 'to ng second week of August pa pero wala pang 1 week dumating. May nakita lang akong review tapos nagustuhan ko kasi hindi sya basta natatanggal kahit mabasa at kumain. Ang cute pa ng lagayan. At ang bango!!! Super. Sarap kainin! Hahaha. Thank you ZALORA. ^_^ I might order the other shades pag may budget. kekeke :)

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NEW BABIES~~!! ♥♥♥

[STAY' elua, CATCH ME IN SEOUL concert dvd and MINI CD ]

I'm so happy they finally arrived yesterday (07.26.2016) ! <3 I look like a HoMin stan..Hahaha! Well, I've purchased JYJ items too last time so it's only fair! XD Every penny is worth it with these two! Though STAY'elua is almost the same as its predecessor STAY, but smaller and cheaper. haha! And medyo nakakagulat yung cards sa CATCH ME dvd kasi malalaki pala! Kasing laki ng case! Hindi ko inexpect ahaha! See photo below. Click to enlarge. :) So ayun, matagal na tong natengga sa to buy list ko eh. ^_^ Konting concert DVD nalang ng Homin ang wala ako. I think, TONE concert and NISSAN concert nalang. Yey! Sa OT5, Five In The Black ang di ko matyempuhan eh. :'( Ang precious pa naman nun. Nagkuli pa kasi ako sa presyo, Hayy... Next time!

Some pics of the miniature CD.. ang kyot kyot lang! Though hindi ko magagamit kasi delikado pag nalaglag! Walain ako ng chains eh. Ayokong mawala ang 320.00 pesos ko. Haha! Cant wait to display them in my new room pagkatapos ng construction ng bahay! :))


Some drool-worthy photos. As usual, dumali pagka-byuntae (pervert) ko.... hekhek... wala namang nasilip.. Daya ng nag-edit!


The right one was Changmin's! fufufu...

Inner fangirl is rejoicing! :)))) Yun lang, haha.. Bye...

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Letter to PYC

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Naaapektuhan talaga ako ng sobra. Sorry guys but I have to un-tag myself from your post/s. Hope you'll understand! This may be OA for some but I'm really really down and will be okay if things will be cleared. The soonest, the better... My energy is deteriorating.. I'm really getting sick and Yoochun ssi doesn't leave my mind. I listened to his songs all morning and I almost cry everytime I hear his voice. I always thought, how can that voice commit such act? I can't even imagine!! I'm mostly concerned about his well-being and seeing that video where media men are harassing him is too much to handle!!! I haven't seen the photo they are talking about on twitter and I'm not planning to see it!!! I accidentally saw the video because my friend tagged me and when it started playing, I couldn't take my eyes off him.. How those motherfuckers ran afer him is so horrible. They said he doesn't heard of the news until this morning when he woke up. Imagine his shock! And Yoochun looked like a vegetable being dragged by his security. He can't even walk properly to his car!!!

And I hate how I'm seeing fans saying they're being neutral but already expressing their PLANS OF LEAVING HIM if Yoochun really did it. Neutral?? What the fuck is neutral in that?? I'm being biased. I know! He's not my bias for nothing. You've already judged him with that. Just say you want to be neutral and will shut up until there's a proper result! Do not accompany it by saying you won't be fans anymore if it's true! I deleted my posts on facebook and rant on twitter last night when I couldn's sleep. I don't want to be righteous saying I won't judge that girl but I'm really angry right now!!! And I can't even imagine saying "what if it's true" or "if its true" because I fucking dont care if it's true or not. I wil be by his side supporting him until the end!!! Most of you may want to leave him but I WON'T. NEVER!!! Even if I will be the only fan left...

I know I'm not being rational here.. And I dont take rape as a joke. I'm a woman too for goodness sake! But I just can't believe it. Never! Not because Yoochun is a celebrity, handsome and rich. Not those reasons! Those attributes doesn't mean a person can't be a rapist and can' be used as reasons. I simply don't believe because I JUST CAN'T. I'm not in denial but I COULDN'T FIND MYSELF BELIEVING ANY OF IT! Completely trash and utterly retarded!

I'll stand with my decision.




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I'll keep my faith on you...

I'll just believe whatever you'd say.

I dont even what to say "if it's true"... but for the sake of this blog I'd say it.

Even if it's true, I'd still love you!

I will be your fan whatever happens.

Even if they'll hate me, I won't give a damn,

You're all that matters to me.

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